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Do you stock all the items you sell?

No, as our product range is so large, we hold no stock. The near entirety is all made to order only.

Do you make everything yourself?

Yes, virtually everthing listed on this website is made by us from scratch up to the finished item, the few items that we do not manufacture are clearly described as so.

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What are the minimum order requirements?

We are sole trade manufacturers. Order quantities can vary, but consideration needs to be taken, as to keep our prices economical, we only make items in large batches. Varying from runs of 50's/100's/200's+. So, small orders of an item would only be made in the next production run of that item (when/if we have enough orders to make a run feasible).


*It is not economical for us to make individual orders or a small number of an item, hence we will often direct retail customers to our distributors.

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How long do you take to complete an order?

Fully excluding the dependencies of the above points. Once started, production takes anywhere from 1-6 months depending on the complexity of the item and current work load. This time scale does not include anytime when an item has to be sent out of shop, i.e. chrome plating, anodising, welding etc, or material availability & holidays.


We cannot give guaranteed turn around times due largely to the variation of parts we manufacture, but also the availability of materials and all points made above. Any ETA's are only rough estimates.

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Do you sell solely to trade?

Yes, the majority of our parts are purchased by traders, retailers, owners clubs and other distributors. A very small number of sales are direct to general public, sold at a retail price.

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Can you do custom work, one-offs or prototypes?

No, due to cost and time implications of manufacturing tooling for new products it is never economical to make any such items. Significant minimum order requirements would also need to be met.


Is everything you make listed on your website?

Not entirely, although our website is continuously being updated, only the main bulk of items we make are listed. However we have capabilities to make more than what is present.

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Chrome plating standards?

All of our hub caps and headlamp rims are chrome plate to the highest standard, achieving the best results possible. With great durability and a highly polished mirror shine they are unrivalled on the market.

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Stainless steel or chrome plated steel?

The majority of hub caps we supply are as original chrome plated steel. There are a small number which we make in a highly polished stainless steel. For originally we recommend the chrome hub caps, for evlongevity the stainless are becoming ever more popular.


The advantages of stainless parts is that they will almost last forever, however they are a lot more difficult to produce as stainless is less pliable. Although they are polished to a very high sheen, they will never quite match the mirror finish of chrome.




Can you make me a one-off set of hub caps from some photos/dimensions or a sample?

No, our business does not work like that. We do not take on low volume or new one-off custom work sorry. The cost of outlay in tooling and time means its never viable. Significant minimum orders have to be met aswell as covering the cost of any tooling.

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