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Wheeler Dealers - Messerschmitt KR200

Back in 2015, we featured on episode 15 of season 12, of the original Wheeler Dealers UK Discovery series, featuring Mike Brewer and Ed China restoring a red 1957 Messerschmitt KR200 micro car.


Mike assisted us in the manufacture of the Messerschmitts replacement small aluminium hub caps.


Mike Brewer's World of Cars - Shop Around The Corner

In 2020, we featured on the debut season of  Mike Brewers World of Cars Motortrend series.


Featuring Mike Brewer assist in manufacturing a Beford VAL stainless steel rear hub cap.


Previewed here on Youtube.


In 2021, we featured in episode 3 of series 5 of the Quest/Discovery Plus show.


The show featured us making 'Salvage Hunter' himself Drew Pritchard original period Saab 96 wheel trims.


Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars - Saab 96

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